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Board of Directors and Volunteer Submission 

Often organizations have criteria specific to their mission and goals that prospective board members and volunteers need to meet. Candidates must complete and submit a volunteer submission form and all submissions will go through a selection process where their qualifications and commitment are evaluated by existing board/committee members and the nominating committee. You may complete a volunteer submission form or be nominated by a current board or committee member to be considered for a volunteer position.


To be eligible for a position on the NSIPA Board of Directors or a committee, individuals will typically need to meet the following common criteria:

1. Experience and Expertise: Demonstrated expertise in premium audit.

2. Education: A relevant academic background or professional qualifications.

3. Ethical Standards: A strong commitment to ethical conduct and integrity and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and the ethical standards of NSIPA.

4. Financial Literacy: Understanding of financial matters, accounting principles, and financial reporting.

5. Strategic Vision: Ability to contribute to the development and execution of the NSIPA's strategic plans.

6. Leadership Skills: Proven leadership skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with other board members and executive leadership.

7. Diversity and Inclusion: Recognition and appreciation for the importance of diversity and inclusion within the board.

8. Time Commitment: Availability to commit the necessary time to fulfill the responsibilities of a board/committee position, including attending meetings and participating in committee work.

9. Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Willingness to disclose any potential conflicts of interest and adhere to conflict of interest policies.

10. Commitment to the Organization's Mission: Alignment with the mission, goals, and values of NSIPA.

11. Elected Positions: Before ascending to an elected position on the NSIPA Board of Directors, candidates are encouraged to first contribute their insights and expertise by serving on a committee. This serves as a crucial steppingstone, allowing individuals to gain a comprehensive understanding of our organization's mission, values, and operational dynamics. Serving on a committee provides an invaluable opportunity to actively engage in specific projects, collaborate with other dedicated members, and demonstrate a commitment to the organization's success.

You may complete a volunteer submission form by clicking the link below. 

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