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2024-2025 Board of Directors Nominees

Slate of Officers

President - Nick Holdridge

Tell Us About You: I've been in the industry for more than 16 years with AFIRM, having many different

roles within premium audit. Over the course of time, I've served as President of my local audit chapter, the

regional organization IAAW and for NSIPA.  

Why Are You Interested in Volunteering?: I want to be a part of something special. NSIPA is industry

recognized and valued. Being a part of this great organization and helping the profession is something I

strongly believe in. 

President Elect - Salina Lau


Tell Us About You: I oversee the review department which is responsible for the quality of the audits and

handle the Test Audit program for Lowry & Associates. Since joining Lowry & Associates in 2016, I have

held several positions such as field auditor, quality assurance reviewer, field support mentor, senior

reviewer and in 2021 became the Director of Quality Assurance. I have worked in the premium audit

industry for over 25 years. I have 2 sons and enjoy the outdoors and play all sports, however playing

softball is my passion. 

Why Are You Interested in Volunteering?: I’ve spent my entire career in the premium audit industry and

have a great passion for developing the next generation of auditors. Volunteering my time is a vital part

of paying it forward and giving back to an industry that has provided me the means to support my family

for the past 28 years. It allows me to stay connected with others in the industry. 

Vice President of Finance - Brad Boone

Tell Us About You: I started in the audit industry in 2005 as a mail auditor for St. Paul before joining

McGuffey and Associates as a field auditor in 2006. McGuffey & Associates was purchased by NEIS, Inc.

in 2017 and I then moved into audit management. I continue to work with NEIS managing a team of

auditors in the sates of Alabama, Florida and Tennessee. 

Why Are You Interested in Volunteering?: NSIPA has a genuine interest and care for the audit industry

and its growth. I hope to be able to also contribute to that. 

Vice President of Governance - Jason Fox

Tell Us About You: I have been in the Commercial Property and Casualty Insurance Industry since 1999,

starting as a Unit Statistical Data Clerk. In 2004, I started with Overland Solutions as a Premium Auditor

in Southern California, where I am from, before moving to North Texas in 2007. I worked as a Premium

Auditor for 10 years prior to moving into Premium Audit Management for the next 6 ½ years, and was a

Premium Audit Director with CNA Insurance. I joined CopperPoint Insurance in 2023 as VP of Enterprise 

Premium Audit. 

Why Are You Interested in Volunteering?: I've been in Premium Audit for more than 18 years. I have been

in the field, managed auditors, and now manage premium audit managers. Premium Audit is a great profession

and I have a passion for it, because of all one can learn about the commercial insurance as a whole (not just

premium audit) while serving in the Premium Audit profession if you take advantage of the opportunity. I've been

fortunate enough to have great mentors along my career, so I would like to pay it forward anyway I can to the

Premium Audit industry, and I think volunteering as a board member would be a way to do that. Premium Audit

allows you to continue to learn and improve, and I would like to be part of something (NSIPA) that provides that

opportunity to help others to also continue to learn and improve by way of continuous knowledge sharing across

the industry. 

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