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John Dennis is currently premium audit manager with AmTrust Group. John has been associated with the industry since 1985 as a vendor auditor, starting and operating his own "fee company" in NY before switching to the carrier side. John has worked for Cigna, Royal Insurance, where he was promoted to Audit Specialist, Maryland Casualty, Zurich, and the technical services department of AIG. Joining Guarantee Insurance as a manager in 2012, John was prompted to regional manager, East Coast Manager, and then to Director of Premium Audit. Guarantee evolved to Patriot Insurance where John was promoted to AVP, VP, and ultimately being named President of Patriot Audit Services once the parent company went public. John has been involved in every facet of audit including M&A. John served on the PAAS WC and GL/Auto subcommittees in the early 90's. Being involved with NSIPA from the late 80's until today and always available to serve the industry, John has presented at the local, regional and national levels of NSIPA and is a past President of NISPA as well as a Betty Gerdes recipient.

Nick Holdridge is an Associate Vice President - Western States for AFIRM. Nick is also currently the VP of Governance for NSIPA, and will be President Elect for 2023-2024.  Nick has been in the Industry for more than 15 years. Starting out performing premium audit. Three years into his career, he moved onto the quality review team where he established skills for quality and timeliness. Over the next few years he moved into a management role within Afirm, managing the physical operations on the east coast and phone center operations. Nick is currently the operations AVP of Afirm over the West coast operations. Nick has a passion for premium audit and enjoys the challenges of the industry.

Salina Lau is currently a Field Support Mentor for Lowry & Associates, responsible for training and mentoring all physical, virtual and phone auditors. She has been associated with the industry for approximately 20 years. She has held several positions throughout her career including reviewer, physical auditor, supervisor and manager of Premium Audit. She is a graduate of Cal State Northridge with a degree in Business.

Kay Payer is the owner and founder of Expert Audit Services, an independent auditing firm based in Los Angeles. Kay has over 35 years of premium audit experience “in the trenches”, having worked for all sides – as an independent auditor, a carrier auditor, and as a policyholder advocate. Ms. Payer is know as a detail-oriented audit specialist, adept at uncovering exposures that many auditors miss. A strong proponent of reviewing the detail behind summary records, Kay believes strongly in the basic standards of audit - sample, test and substantiate. Whether fulfilling regulatory audits, assisting in dispute resolution, auditing records seized in fraud investigations or offering expert opinion, she applies the rules “by the book” and shows the details necessary to “take it to the bank” (or court).

Henry H Reese III is currently the Premium Audit manager at NJM Insurance Company, which writes commercial insurance in NJ, NY, PA, DE, CT, and MD. He joined the insurance industry in 2000 and spent most of his career in underwriting, training, and supervisory roles before transitioning to Premium Audit in 2013. He has overseen NJM’s Premium Auditing department since 2015. He served as co-Vice President of the Insurance Auditors Association of New Jersey from 2016-2023. Henry assisted The Institutes with updating the APA course material in 2021-2022 and is featured in two introductory videos for APA 321. Henry also holds the CPCU, AINS, AIS, AIC, API, and APA designations and is a licensed producer in six states.

Mike Warner is the Director of Premium Audit for Builders Insurance Group in Atlanta, GA and is responsible for the premium audit functions.  He began his audit career in 1993 as a premium auditor for Equifax Commercial Specialists before working his way up to a branch manager for Overland Solutions.  Mike also worked for AIG and Essential Premium Audit Solutions prior to joining Builders Insurance Group in 2008. He is a graduate of Columbia International University, Columbia, South Carolina.

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