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Betty Gerdes was also a moving force behind the Insurance Auditors Association of the Central States and her local chapter, and she was a great friend to many in the association. Gerdes always tried to make NSIPA better, and she was a mentor to many who joined the board of the society. To recognize her efforts, the Distinguished Service Award was renamed the Betty Gerdes Distinguished Service Award as she turned over the reins to the new management company.

If you know someone that exemplifies the ethics and standards of NSIPA and has worked to further the premium auditor as a profession, you can nominate them for Betty Gerdes Distinguished Service Award that is presented at the annual seminar. When the nominations are received, the board reviews them, and the nominee that best symbolizes our ideals is selected to receive the award.

To nominate a deserving auditor for the Betty Gerdes Distinguished Service Award, please complete the online Betty Gerdes Distinguished Service Award Nomination Form. 



Prior Betty Gerdes Distinguished Service Award Recipients

(* denotes deceased)

1981 - Dana Sparrow
1982 - Jack White*
1983 - Carl Badertscher
1984 - Betty Gerdes*
1985 - Richard Knarr
1986 - Josephine Marshall*
1987 - Penny White
1988 - Josephine Marshall
1989 - Eugene D. Bowers Jr.*
1990 - Ronald Clopton
1991 - Stanley Szott
1993 - Herb Paugh
1994 - No Nominees 
1995 - Donald Holzemer
1996 - Anthony Iacono

1997 - Edward Galloway, APA, CIPA

1998 - Dianne Taylor

1999 - John Woods

2000 - None awarded
2001 - Diane Washe
2002 - Lisa A. Brien
2003 - Fred L. Lowry Jr.
2004 - Ray Fitchner
2005 - J. Kelly Crowell
2006 - Scott B. Miller, CPCU, CIPA, APA
2007 - Mario Fiel
2008 - Sue Grover
2009 - James J. Marks, CPCU, CIPA, APA
2010 - Rick Kuharik
2011 - None Awarded
2012 - Matthew Logan
2013 - Scott Henning
2014 - Dale Sluzewski
2015 - John Dennis

2017 - Don Hughes

2018 - Jeanne Arnold*

2019 - Peter Falco

2020 - Stan Morrison
2021 - Nick Holdridge

2022 - Jon Kovach


The president selects the recipient of this award, honoring significant achievement to NSIPA and the insurance premium audit profession.

Prior President's Award Recipients

(* denotes deceased)

1985 - Faye Styles
1988 - Eugene Bowers Jr.*
1990 - Jack White
1991 - T. Sidney Brown
1992 - Betty Gerdes*
1993 - Eugene Bowers Jr.
1994 - Larry Alderks
1996 - Antonio Gonzalez II
1997 - Kelly Crowell
1998 - Ray Fitchner
1999 - Mike Nahlovsky
2000 - Eugene Bowers Jr.* 

2001 - Edward Galloway 

2002 - J. Kelly Crowell

2003 - Bill Johnson

2003 - Brad Feldman
2004 - Lisa Brien
2005 - Joan E. Lambert
2006 - Fred Lowry Jr.
2007 - Brad Feldman
2008 - Rick Kuharik
2009 - None Awarded
2010 - Sue Grover
2011 - Eugene Bowers Jr.*
2012 - John Dowdy
2013 - Debra Seiple
2015 - Sue Grover
2016 - Ed Galloway

2017 - Fred Lowry Jr.

2019 - John Dennis

2020 - Jeanne Arnold*
2021 - Brad Feldman

2022 - Salina Lau


The president selects the recipient of this award, honoring lifetime achievement to NSIPA and the insurance premium audit profession. To nominate a deserving auditor for the Eugene D. Bowers Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award, please complete the online Award Nomination Form.

Prior Eugene D. Bowers Jr Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

(* denotes deceased)

2001 - Eugene Bowers Jr.* 
2002 - John Woods
2003 - Jim Marks
2004 - Ed Galloway
2005 - Eugene Bowers Jr.*
2009 - James J. Marks 
2013 - Eugene Bowers Jr. (Namesake)*
2014 - Roy B. "Skip" Taylor

2017 - Betty Gerdes*

2018 - Fred Lowry Jr

2019 - Sue Grover

2020 - Richard Pope
2021 - Jeanne Arnold*
2021 - Chris Wilkinson*

2022 - Kurt Lang


Jeanne Arnold was a true champion of the premium audit industry at the national, regional, and local level.  She dedicated her career to premium audit for more than 37 years. Jeanne’s professionalism, kindness, and friendship were known to many at NSIPA.  She was an active participant at our Annual Seminars each year and was excited for those in attendance to learn from the best professionals in our field. Sadly, our premium audit family lost Jeanne in April 2021 after a hard-fought battle with cancer. She will be missed by so many at NSIPA and beyond.

NSIPA honors Jeanne Arnold’s life and service to the premium audit profession through our Jeanne Arnold CIPA Annual Seminar Scholarship. Each year, those who successfully receive the CIPA or CIPTA designation will receive a complimentary scholarship registration to our annual seminar that year.* If the recipient earns their designation after the annual seminar is held for that year, they will receive their complimentary scholarship registration to the next calendar year annual seminar. CIPA/CIPTA recipients will be notified when they receive their designation of their annual seminar registration.

If you would like to apply for the CIPA or CIPTA designation, please click here.

*The complimentary scholarship registration to our annual seminar has no cash value and does not include travel costs or hotel accommodations. Registration cannot be delayed to a subsequent year (except for those earning the designation after that year’s seminar is held), and registration cannot be conferred to a third party. This scholarship is not available to those having earned the CIPA/CIPTA designation prior to 2021.

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