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Please follow this step-by-step tutorial on logging into the training site, registering for live webinars, and accessing live webinars, click here.


Held throughout the membership year, both live and on-demand webinars are offered at no additional cost for members. Fellow NSIPA members and industry experts provide members with valuable and current information to enhance and better the industry. Live webinars are typically held on a Thursday of each month from 1:00pm to 2:00 pm ET. The webinar is 45 minutes in length with 15 minutes of Q&A. 

Our live and on-demand webinars are FREE for NSIPA Members.

Members, in order to access our members only training platform, please click the button below and log into your NSIPA account.  Once you have logged in, you will be taken to a members only page that contains the link to the members only training platform.  You will need to click that link and use your NSIPA credentials to log in again. Once you have logged into the Talent LMS training platform, you will be able to register for any live events, and access our on-demand library of webinars. Click on the course catalog link on the right hand side of the training site and you can filter by live webinars, on demand webinars, and PA 101 courses. 

Our updated PA 101 course is now available!  This course is FREE for members. You can access the course by logging into the members only Talent LMS training platform. Select the course catalog link on the right hand side, and then select PA 101 to view all 9 chapters of PA 101.


NSIPA offers non-members the chance to experience what the NSIPA members have been benefiting from as part of their membership. For $25 a non-member can access an on-demand webinar. ​

Non-members, please click the button below to create your account and access our non-members training platform.

PA 101 is now offered to individual non-members for $299.  You can access this training course via the non-member Talent LMS training platform. Once you have logged in, select the course catalog link on the right hand side, and then select PA 101 to view all 9 chapters of PA 101.

QUESTIONS?  Please email NSIPA Managing Director Mandy Aquilina at if you have any questions or experience difficulty accessing the training platform.

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