Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is open to any company that is engaged in auditing (field, administration or

support services) policies for the determination of insurance premiums (the "Profession"):

condition only upon the payment of dues, and agreement by the member to be bound by

the Code of Ethics of the Society. The membership shall be company-based and the number

of individual employee members is based on the numbers below. The company may designate up to 12

individuals with voting privileges. The remaining individuals shall be full members, but

shall not have voting privileges.

2 to 25 Employee Members                        $795.00

26 to 50 Employee Members                      $1,395.00

51 to 100 Employee Members                    $1,995.00                            

101 to 200 Employee Members                  $2,995.00            

201+ Employee Members                            $4,995.00

Corporate membership now includes FREE webinars for its corporate employee members AND

UNLIMITED job postings on 

To Join

(For Use By Primary Representative Only)

1) Access the online Corporate Membership Application. Follow the screens to process your payment via credit card. 


2) Complete the Add an Employee Form


To Update Your Employee List

(For Use By Primary Representative Only)

Anytime your company can Add an Employee, Update an Employee's Record, or Remove an Employee. It really is that easy. Click on the link(s) below or to the left in the yellow boxes. 


Use this online form to add a member:

NSIPA Add an Employee Form

To update an employee's record, use this online form:

NSIPA Update an Employee Form

To remove an employee's record, use this online form:

NSIPA Remove an Employee Form

Premium Audit Jobs
Premium Audit Jobs


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