Member Spotlight - February 2020

Noreen O'Sullivan

Noreen has been a premium auditor with A.I.M. Mutual for her entire career. She handles the western portion of MA and our policyholders love her! She obtained her TAP certificate from PAAS and has attended several of their seminars in NJ.

Congratulate Noreen

Written by Raeanne Siegel, Noreen's Direct Supervisor

AIM Mutual has had the pleasure of having Noreen O’Sullivan as a member of our audit team for 31 years. During her tenure, Noreen has consistently shown her technical expertise in both the quantity and quality of her work. However, Noreen’s amazing spirit and positive outlook have made her stand out all these years. Rare is the day when Noreen does not have a smile, a warm greeting, and a genuine interest in all around her. Whether it is at an audit meeting, a seminar, she is always in such a positive mood that it is contagious to all around her, especially with her clients. Noreen has been meeting with many of her contacts for as long as she has been with AIM, and sees many as family. While she may have to deliver audit results that may not be what the insured is expecting, Noreen does so with compassion and a wealth of knowledge to explain and answer any questions, to put the insured at ease, with no surprises as a result of the audit. Here at AIM two of our main values are to listen with empathy and to act with compassion. Noreen lives these values and is the standard to which we all aspire.

About AIM Mutual 

A.I.M. Mutual strives to keep excellence in service at the forefront. We work with brokers and employers who share a genuine commitment to developing and managing all aspects of their workers’ compensation programs. Our approach is unique among carriers.

From its beginnings in 1988, A.I.M. Mutual has adhered to its founding principles to provide workers’ compensation and employers’ liability insurance coverage at a level that sets us apart. What seems like a straightforward concept today was, in fact, once a visionary approach to a critical business need. Our company is sponsored by the Associated Industries of Massachusetts, the largest employer organization in the Commonwealth.

A.I.M. Mutual introduced workers’ compensation as a partnership, and, in short order, employers welcomed the change and saw the immediate benefits. The company has grown to one of the largest regional workers’ compensation specialists, maintaining a major share of the Massachusetts market. We are one of the top writers in New Hampshire, and we also provide coverage to employers in Connecticut, Vermont and Maine.

At A.I.M. Mutual, we recognize that no company or concept, regardless of how well conceived, can succeed without the right people in place. We credit our staff, all highly experienced in their disciplines, for putting their service-oriented work ethic and workers’ compensation insurance knowledge into practice, every day, in all they do.

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