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The NSIPA Member Spotlight of the Month is a new recognition which provides a vehicle for our members to be recognized for their core values being aligned with those of both the employer and NSIPA.
The Member Spotlight of the Month highlights a different person each month, not for any specific accomplishment or any one specific trait, but because they’re a valuable part of your team. Take a minute to think about which of your company's core values they best represent and revisit the NSIPA Code of Ethics.
The specific core values the employee upholds could change per person, but overall you are seeking someone with a constant embodiment of core values in day-to-day work.
Based on the submissions received by the 25th of each month, the Membership Committee shall review each one and make a decision on who shall be spotlit for the following month.
The individual selected to be spotlit for that month shall receive recognition in a NSIPA A-Mail, a free registration to the next Annual Seminar, and your employee and company name on the NSIPA website.
Thank you, in advance, for recognizing your NSIPA member's core values. We greatly appreciate it.

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